Wednesday, 31 August 2016


This ‘Spiral’ rug design was created for a busy commercial reception area.

 Using a construction of cut and loop hand tufting. This subtle yet striking design uses only one colour.

The design is created by using the ‘LOOP’ side of the grey wool adjacent to the ‘CUT’ side of the same wool colour giving it subtly with such a striking ‘Spiral’ design.

(Before the rug was installed)

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Inspired by Winter Barley in fields that I pass during my journeys through West Yorkshire. This PURE WOOL rug has been designed to create the perspective and feeling that I get every time I see one of these fields.
(No photoshop just photographed on frozen grass)

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


When a hand tufted rug is initially tufted, there tends to be a few long ends that have shot through during the tufting process. 

When the rugs has been backed and taken down, these long ends need to be cropped or sheared off.

 This is usually done with a hand held cropping machine, much like a lawn mower.

 This machine takes off all the unwanted long ends and removes them to a vacuum cleaner which is attached separately to the cropper.

 You can see here how the shearing machine gives the rug its final smooth and even finish.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I have just stumbled on these pictures from an atrium rug project that we produced for MORE London.

Quite an amazing building with the two rugs laid out on the central podium of this reception area.

Sunday, 25 May 2014


I got inspired to make a rug.                      ArtHike
I made it in wool and silk.                           Area Rugs & Carpets
I got invited to put it in an exhibition.          West YorkshirePrint Workshop
I hung it on a big wall                                  ArtStation
Go and see it there.                                    Yorkshire Festival

Navigating Yorkshire brings together new and recent artworks by eight printmakers and two textile artists investigating the relationships we form with place, in order to greet travellers through Huddersfield Railway station with an alternative and personally charged insight into the geography of Yorkshire.  Navigating Yorkshire: Printmakers Exploring Place
Presented by West Yorkshire Print Workshop Gallery,
at Art Station, Huddersfield (Huddersfield Railway Concourse) 21 May – 13 July 2014
What personal connections do we make with this geography 
during the course of our everyday lives?
How might these connections be represented by an artist so
as to introduce visitors to a place? 
How might an emotional relationship with a landscape take
visual precedence over a spatial one? 
How might a place be navigated according to affinity,
as opposed to proximity?

As a part of the Yorkshire Festival 2014, West Yorkshire Print Workshop will be presenting a special exhibition, which investigates the questions above, in a venue thoroughly apt for welcoming Le Tour followers to the north of England. Mediating between the calm grandeur of a neo-classical facade and the constant bustle of six platforms, this venue is Art Station- an exhibition space newly born of the Huddersfield Railway concourse.
West Yorkshire Print Workshop, in partnership with Art Station, has invited their affiliated printmakers- both WYPW members and PrintmakingOnline members- to showcase new and recent work that will greet the travelling public with an alternative and personally charged insight into the geography of the county. By abandoning cartographic convention and mapping places according to personal journeys and lived experience, the exhibition promises to offer up new subjective means for navigating Yorkshire- to both expectant first-time visitors and to regular commuters of the concourse.
Participating artists are: 

Lesley Bohanna
Gavin Campbell
Andrew Hambleton
Emily Harvey
Brian Hindmarch
Amy Hirst
Scarlette Homeshaw
Michelle Keegan
Ian Wrench
Andrew Warburton

Collective Mapping Running alongside this exhibition, West Yorkshire Print Workshop will be inviting visitors to their gallery in Mirfield to map their own personal experiences of Yorkshire on a large map of the county. This collective mapping will celebrate the county and the personal histories embedded in its landscape as we await the Grand Depart and the excitement of Le Tour.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Have you ever wondered what kind of service you get form Area Rugs when you commission one of our beautiful rugs? No I hear you cry. Well I am going to show you anyhow by way of some photographs taken by Dean Conner Photography.

We were recently commissioned to create two rugs for the reception area for a pharmaceutical company in Warrington. They required a circular plain rug in the corporate colour of the company and a shaped rug to match the furniture in their seating area for a subsidiary company in their corporate colours. 

Each rug was planned out on site in plastic to show how the rugs would look before they were made.

After the rugs were made they were installed and the furniture moved to allow for the area to be cleared and reset to their existing positions. 

Dean Conner at work.